Eclipse Forum India 2009

Eclipse Forum India 2009

I’m excited to have the opportunity to speak at the upcoming Eclipse Forum India conference next week. I will be giving three talks:

  • What’s new in Eclipse Plug-in Development
  • OSGi for Eclipse Developers
  • Single Sourcing: Extend your RCP Application to the Web with RAP

It looks like Eclipse will be well represented at the conference, there will be talks on EclipseLink, Modeling, SWTBot, RCP and RAP. Personally, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with the Indian Eclipse community! This will also be my first time experiencing the new Bangalore airport… I’ve been to the old one a few times so I’m curious to hear people’s experience reports about the new airport!

Also, if you’re up for a frosty beverage in India, please let me know!

  • ThomasW
    Posted at 22:07, 2009-04-01

    Have you ever tried Kingfisher Strong ? It’s a pretty good beer. However German beer is the best. The great variety and the “Reinheitsgebot” are unmatched ( Blackbeer Köstritzer and the dark “Doppelbock” (don’t know the english word) Andechs ( are my favorites). You should try them when you visit Germany again 🙂

  • Posted at 22:17, 2009-04-01

    Say hello to Prakash G R, our new Platform UI committer! He will be at the conference, explaining everything about commands.