e4 0.9 M2 Released!

e4 0.9 M2 Released!

It’s great to see a new milestone of e4 released (new and noteworthy)!

The major new and noteworthy item in my opinion is that XWT was included for the first time in e4:


What is XWT? XWT is a declarative widget framework that allows you to specify UI components in a declarative fashion. SWT code is generated automatically from an XML-based UI declaration. It’s kind of nice to switch between Design, Source and Java tabs!

In the end, it’s great to see progress.

  • Suraj Chandran
    Posted at 08:09, 2009-04-22

    Everytime Netbeans guys come with something better, Eclipse always beats it down 😉
    Its funny actually.
    Its really something to look forward too.
    But I haven’t seen any links on story of adoption/migration to E4

  • Suraj Chandran
    Posted at 16:08, 2009-04-28

    A slight edit on my above post…
    Stupid me….its still in M2…..we need to wait till RC4 in July 🙁

  • Baker
    Posted at 16:10, 2009-05-21

    Yeah…you are kind of right. But with Netbeans6 things have become better for NB. Lets see wheter E4 beats NB6 down.