Calling all students

March 30, 2009 | 2 min Read

This week should be “Go Time” for all students.  This is the week students from across the globe are submitting their applications for Google Summer of Code.   Students, you have until this Friday (April 3rd) to submit your application.  While you may think that’s plenty of time, think again!!!  Some students have already begun submitting their applications, and mentors have already starting reviewing / commenting on them.  If you don’t get your application in early, you are less likely to get any help with it.  (And less likely to find a mentor).  The best advice I can give is to submit early!!!

If you are still looking for ideas, checkout our wiki page.

I can tell you from personal experience that this is a terrific program and it even helped me land a full-time job after graduation.  Internships are great, but Summer of Code will provide you with a portfolio you can present at your next interview.  Just imagine sitting down with a potential employer and faced with the question “What projects have you worked on”?  Imagine being able to say “See that refactoring tool you are using in Eclipse… I wrote that!!!”.  Put that next to the kid who answers… uh… oh… I wrote a bubble sort algorithm in second year that mostly worked.

Google Summer of Code is most definitely For The Win!!!

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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