Equinox above the Cloud - some call it Heaven!

March 19, 2009 | 2 min Read

We are all busy preparing our talks and demonstrations for EclipseCon, aren’t we? This year I am trying to use in all of my talks a common set of examples.

The plan is to showcase technology from several projects. I will start with the EPP Download Wizard (at the moment ‘Friends-of-Eclipse’ only) from my EPP project that has been build as a RAP application and uses Equinox, p2, and the p2 installer. With the EPP Download Wizard, a user is able to pick and choose from a set of available installable units. On the last wizard page, he or she can download a small customized p2 installer that will download the selected pieces from the p2 repositories. There will be various talks about the things that we do in EPP, e.g. the talk of my colleagues about the internals of the EPP Wizard, or my other talk about the EPP Usage Data Collector.

But what if a developer who is developing this wizard or another application wants to deploy it on a server? The first problem: You need a server! The answer to this question is easy: Use g-Eclipse, our Grid and Cloud Computing tooling, and start your own server on the cloud. This can be done within minutes and we are going to show this in our Equinox above the Cloud talk.

Now that you have your own server up and running, all you need to do is deploying your application on it. But how is this done… well, attend our talk and you will find out how easy it is with p2!