Make p2, not war!

March 17, 2009 | 2 min Read

I’ve been busy this weekend preparing one of the EclipseCon talks I will be doing together with Jordi. The background story to this talk is that we wanted to make it easier for users of Yoxos (and us of course) to deploy new versions of software along with relevant updates. Traditional “.war” deployments are very monolithic and inflexible. The deployment model is simplistic as you only have to support a single version (which may be advantageous to some). But for our needs, we needed a more modular approach to the problem. Since we are not in the business of reinventing circular transportation devices, we started looking at some existing technologies to get as much mileage as possible - so we can concentrate on other neat features.

With Equinox p2, Eclipse already has a powerful provisioning component that performs updates and installation of components… on the client side. Our goal was to leverage the effort that has gone into p2 and adapt the technology to work on the server side. The results are quite promising - with a small amount of effort, we could create a very flexible, modular and robust deployment mechanism. Has anyone else worked with p2 on the server side yet?

Find out more about the technical details at our talk “Down with WAR. Server-side deployment with p2” at EclipseCon. Hope to see you there!