Eclipse 3.5M6 is out!

March 15, 2009 | 1 min Read

I just got back from vacation and was pleased to see Eclipse 3.5 M6 was released (new and noteworthy). M6 is always an interesting milestone for Eclipse because it’s really close to EclipseCon, signifies API freeze and the march towards stabilization for the Galileo release. Here are some of my favorite noteworthy items from Eclipse 3.5 M6:

From Equinox, I’m thrilled to see the implementation of RFC 134 Declarative Services (DS) Updates from the OSGi R4.2 specification. If you’re developing OSGi services, DS is a fantastic and lightweight way to manage your OSGi services (no more error-prone ServiceTrackers!). I expect to see DS adoption increase in the Eclipse community now that DS ships with the Eclipse SDK. Also, I was so thrilled with the new DS updates that in PDE we tooled the latest changes:

From JDT, the extremely useful Open Type dialog now emphasizes the characters that match the pattern:

Also in PDE land, we are converging on our new target platform story:

So what are you waiting for, why don’t you give M6 a spin? a spin?