Eclipse in Victoria

March 6, 2009 | 1 min Read

As I mentioned previously, Wayne Beaton from the Eclipse Foundation paid a visit to Victoria this week. Wayne is currently on a west-coast road trip visiting a number of schools out here. I had a chance to catch up with Wayne as he stopped by both the University of Victoria, and the Vancouver Island Java User Group.

At UVic, Del Myers (a master’s student) showed off his Sequence Viewer widget.  Del has captured the notion of sequence viewer as an SWT widget (with JFace adapters).   Del is thinking of opening up the viewer, and possibly bringing it to Eclipse through Summer of Code.  

I also saw Wayne at the Vancouver Island Java User Group where he gave some demos of Mylyn, Eclipse plug-in development, RCP, RAP and eRCP.  

From what I could tell, people were excited and many didn’t realize just how powerful the Eclipse Run-Time is.  If anyone on the west coast is interested it talking Eclipse, just ping.  And if you are looking for more information about OSGi and RCP, checkout the Eclipse Training Series.

Ian Bull

Ian Bull

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