I *heart* SWT Cocoa

I *heart* SWT Cocoa

A good portion of the EclipseSource technical team use MacBook Pro’s for their development machines. We are doing our best helping the SWT team in testing the Cocoa port. As the Eclipse 3.5M6 milestone gets closer, the SWT team is converging on finishing the Cocoa port which just has me thrilled! It should have you thrilled too, because you can finally do things like use Java 1.6 in your projects! If you have any projects or products that run on the Mac, you should consider testing out the Cocoa port now so the SWT team has time to react. In particular, Kevin Barnes has been helpful in testing out some of the popular RCP applications (i.e., XMind, RSSOwl) on Cocoa to see how they perform. Feel free to catch him on Twitter, he’s really responsive to SWT Cocoa related questions (especially when you bring stacktraces)!


On a funny side note, Jeff McAffer recently got a new shiny MacBook Pro. As someone who was used to the first painful week of using a Mac, here are some quotes I’d like to share describing the conversion process:

“!@#$%^& mouse acceleration, how do I turn it off!”
“!@#$, where’s the print screen key?”
“seriously? four !@#$%^& modifier keys?”
“!@#$, does delete mean backspace or !@#$”

Anyone else have some good quotes from their first experience with a Mac ;)?