Eclipse and Universities

Eclipse and Universities

I stumbled across this university research project on the Eclipse newsgroups today that does something pretty gnarly. Have you ever hacked some Java code in Eclipse only to bring up the code completion prompt in Eclipse to be presented with a ton of options?


Didn’t you wish that Eclipse could just read your mind and show you the most likely proposals? Well, it looks like the researchers from TU Darmstadt are attempting to do that:


Kind of cool huh?

I’m constantly amazed at the work students produce inside the Eclipse ecosystem. Another example that comes to mind is the Mylyn is the Mylyn project. It started out as a university research project… which turned into an Eclipse project… which eventually seeded a successful startup company, Tasktop. What other open source ecosystems are conducive to that type of transition?

Any other people from universities out there doing some cool stuff with Eclipse?

Also if you have the time, why not support some students with some cool Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2009 project ideas? GSOC is right around the corner and students would appreciate some project ideas and support from Eclipse committers!

  • Posted at 10:11, 2009-03-06

    The Eclipse project Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) is another great example. Started as a bavarian project between some students of the University of Augsburg and a local company called eMundo we soon found out that we are not the only persons thinking about how open source software in Eclipse might support business process and workflow management. Therefore, we contacted the guys from OpenWide, France and together we re-started the project proposal of JWT and now work on the project for already two years (now not only students at the Augsburg university but also research assistants of course) and have about 10 active committers and created a whole bunch of plugins that assist users in workflow modeling and execution (also part of Galileo).

  • Carsten
    Posted at 10:47, 2009-03-06

    I might be biased, but I think ObjectTeams ( is a very cool university project. Probably every Eclipse plugin developer has once had the need to use internal API of another plugin. But he couldn’t, because the field or method is private, or he couldn’t create a subclass because it’s impossible to get it instantiated, etc.

    You you end up either
    – not providing the functionality at all
    – or copying and pasting code into your own bundle and changing it to suit your needs

    With ObjectTeams, you can basically add an “adapter hook” to those classes, that allows you to
    – access private fields and methods
    – notify you when specific methods are called so that you can intercept, or even override them

    All this without touching the base plugin. And you get all this with complete type safety at compiletime. With lots of Eclipse tooling. Way cool 🙂

  • Florian
    Posted at 14:49, 2009-03-06

    I was involved with the KNIME ( data mining / exploration project.
    It uses data processing pipelines consisting of nodes to process,convert,integrate,explore etc.

    Here, eclipse is providing the technology foundation for the RCP workbench, as well as the “plug-in” (e.g. bundle) notion for adding new processing nodes.
    Every student/research project captures its algorithms as a plug-in, so know-how is conservated on a common platform.

    Also, is now a commercial spin-off, trying to establish in the KD market as a consulting company (with some focus on bioinformatics).

  • Wayne Beaton
    Posted at 17:55, 2009-03-06

    Mylyn does something like this. At the top of the list of suggestions for code completion are those from the current task context (i.e. the stuff you’ve expressed interest in).