Eclipse Riena 1.1.0 M5 shipped

March 4, 2009 | 1 min Read

Riena 1.1.0 Milestone 5 shipped today (download).

Since the 1.0 release a month ago we Riena committers have been busy with several new features:  

  • Riena is now based on Eclipse 3.5 and joined the Galileo Release Train.
  • The Look-and-Feel subsystem can now apply settings to ViewParts as well. To enable this behavior you need to set the system property ‘riena.lnf.update.view’ to ’true’. By they way, the LnF subsystem provides means to automatically invoke setters on each widget and/or attach renderers (=painting) to them. More info about LnF on the wiki.
  • The CompositeTableRidget allows creating tables with several ridgets in each row. It’s based on the CompositeTable widget from the Nebula project. Thanks Nebula - this rocks!


java  ICompositeTableRidget ridget; WritableList input = new WritableList(PersonFactory.createPersonList(), Person.class); ridget.bindToModel(input, Person.class, RowRidget.class); (full snippet)

  • The MasterDetailsRidget automatically binds the selected row of a table to an details area. A prototype is available in M5. Work will continue in M6.

Master Details Ridget

  • The ColumnFormatter for TableRidgets allows adjusting the text, icon, color and font of each column.

java tableRidget.setColumnFormatter(1, new DateColumnFormatter("MM/dd/yyyy") { //$NON-NLS-1$   protected Date getDate(Object element) {      return ((Holiday) element).getDate();   } }); tableRidget.bindToModel(new WritableList(createInput(), Holiday.class), Holiday.class, columnPropertyNames, columnHeaders);(full snippet)  

You’ll find more details in the New & Noteworthy.

Kind regards, Elias.