Ganymede SR2 and '23'

February 27, 2009 | 1 min Read

I have to admit: 23 is the number that I like most. Some computer scientists and mathematicians prefer 42, but this is not a prime number.

Why am I starting this blog entry with this odd number? Because my birthday is on a 23rd? While this is true, it is not particular interesting. But if you are going to the EPP project page where you see the EPP package builds for all Ganymede Releases you will find out that every Ganymede build that has been released to the public in the past was in fact build on a 23rd.

Look at the screenshot: Ganymede Release build on June, 23rd - Ganymede ServiceRelease 1 on September, 23rd, and now the Ganymede Service Release 2 build on February, 23rd.

And now I am happy that I can write: The new Ganymede SR2 packages are now available for download. There are still some problems on the different download web pages but I am sure those problems will be fixed by the webmasters soon. I think this is good news at the end of a long week.

BTW: How many Eclipse projects did participate in Ganymede? Yes, exactly 23!