OSGi Tooling Summit

I recently blogged how excited I was about the OSGi Tooling BOF at EclipseCon, but it seems that the OSGi Alliance has outdone itself. The alliance is hosting an OSGi Tooling Summit right after EclipseCon 2009.


Jeff McAffer and I will be attending from EclipseSource. Personally, I’m excited to hear everyone’s position statements and how we can move forward, working together. Jeff and I will try to offer an interesting perspective coming from Eclipse land since we’ve been tooling plug-ins (bundles) before they were in vogue 🙂

What do people from the Eclipse or OSGi communities think is missing from the OSGi Tooling story so far?

  • Posted at 17:48, 2009-02-13

    You’ll need a modeling advocate! :p Hopefully I can attend…

  • Posted at 19:24, 2009-02-15

    I would very much appreciate if there were better tools for bundle management. I think there are (at least) two use cases:
    – Managing bundles at development time: This could be handled from the Eclipse IDE via the PDE Plug-in registry if one would add the ability to connect to any running OSGi instance (on local/remove servers). When developing server-side Equinox applications using the “Equinox within an app server” approach, remote bundle management would greatly improve testing new or updated bundles on the target system without rebuilding and deploying the whole WAR file.
    – Managing bundles for applications in production environments: The tooling could offer different protocols (JMX, RMI, Webservice) for connecting, or maybe it’s even possible to add a small web frontend to a Equinox application for bundle managment.
    I am aware of some efforts in this direction at Equinox Incubator and really curious how things evolve…