Not running. Not Board.

Not running. Not Board.

As you may have seen, Mike posted the nominees for the 2009 elected board members race the other day. The observant reader may also have noticed that my name is not on the list for re-election.  I’ve been on the Foundation Board of Directors for some time now. It is great fun and an awesome learning experience.

There are a few factors in my decision to not run.

  • It’s time to make some room for others.
  • EclipseSource, our new company, will take over the Innoopract Strategic Membership and I will act as the alternate to Jochen Krause our formal representative.
  • Participating in the Board requires considerable time and effort.  It is extremely rewarding but nonetheless hard to manage while creating a new company and participating heavily in the Eclipse community.

Being on the board is a fantastic experience and a privilege.  I’ve learned vast amounts from some of the community’s and industry’s best. From time to time I may even have had an impact and helped to improve things.

The board discussions are always, uhhh, lively with a wide range of opinions and perspectives.  It is a large but functional board and Mike is doing a great job of balancing giving people their say and avoiding (well, minimizing) rat-holes.

As Mike points out, there is an impressive roster of nominees. Should be an excellent race.  Best of luck to all the candidates.