EclipseCon 2009 UI and RCP Track

EclipseCon 2009 UI and RCP Track

Boris Bokowski and I are in charge of the UI and RCP track at EclipseCon 2009. It took forever to weed through all the submissions, but we eventually made some choices and I think we put together an excellent program. We have three tutorials:

Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plugins
RCP Mail 2.0: Commands, Common Navigator, and Data Binding
Advanced Eclipse Rich Client Platform

These tutorials should provide great coverage for beginners and even experts. For beginners, I’d highly recommend Dan Rubel and Eric Clayberg’s tutorial on building commercial quality plug-ins. These are the same guys behind the book that shares the same name as the tutorial. For experts, the other two tutorials are good options, however, I’m personally excited about the RCP Mail 2.0 tutorial as I want the outcome of that tutorial to result in a new PDE template that can be used by all. At least, that’s my hidden agenda in vouching for that tutorial 😉

For long talks, we have plenty but here are three of my favorites:

Eclipse on Rails and Rockets
Sleeping Around: Writing tools that work in Eclipse, Visual Studio, Ruby, and the Web
Max and John’s Excellent Plug-in Adventure: The Highlight Reel

The main stage talk should be really interesting as you get to hear from two adopters of Eclipse… and how they used Eclipse technology within NASA and the Swiss Railway system. Then you have a talk by some old Eclipse committers that decided to stress themselves out by writing tools that run anywhere… from Eclipse to Visual Studio. Finally, there will be an entertaining talk from Max and John about Eclipse plug-in development anti-patterns.

We also have a lot of short talks but here are three I’m personally looking forward too:

Carbon Dating: The treacherous path from Carbon to Cocoa for SWT
Nuclear Eclipse : Eclipse in nuclear power plants
Real World RCP

It’s always entertaining to hear Steve Northover talk, he’s like a wise guitar-playing sage. Joining Steve will be Scott Kovatch from Adobe, they will talk about the challenges in getting the SWT Cocoa port ready for Galileo. I’m impressed with the work so far as I’ve been using the SWT Cocoa port since Eclipse 3.5M4 and it’s been pretty stable. It will definitely be ready for the prime time when Galileo ships. The other two short talks I like are more case study related… and always fun to listen to. I mean, Eclipse in nuclear power plants… that’s awesome!

So there you have it. All I can say is that I hope you enjoy the program this year! See you in March!

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