Equinox and OSGi Refcard published

Equinox and OSGi Refcard published

Over the past month or so I’ve been working with the DZone folks to put together a refcard on Equinox and OSGi.  It was finally released yesterday.  Phew.

The idea behind refcardz is to give people a quick overview of a technology, how to get started and a few of those key tips and hints for being effective.  Putting one of these together is a bit of a challenge as the  topics are broad and there are lots of different audiences — Equinox and OSGi are no different.  No matter what you are going to leave out stuff.  You can also check out the interview I did with James Sugrue on Equinox for the release of the refcard.

Finally, keep an eye out for a full book on Equinox and OSGi coming out in the summer.  You can get some of the content now from Rough Cuts.  Your feedback is extremely useful.

  • Lars
    Posted at 00:17, 2009-01-13

    Nice tutorial and overview.

    One small comment in regards to the tip: ‘sysout’ then Ctrl-Space. You can save two letters and use ‘syso’ then Ctrl-Space. 😉