Signing speaker agreements = More beer!

Signing speaker agreements = More beer!

Hard to believe that simply filling out a simple electronic from could result in wider availability of frosty beverages but its true. Still skeptical? Read on.

First, thanks to everyone who submitted a talk proposal for EclipseCon 2009. It was an amazing turn out. You made the Program Committee’s job very hard. Errrr, Thanks.

Second, congratulations to those whose talks were accepted. Be sure to publicize your talk widely. You might find one of the EclipseCon logos useful.

Third, sign your speaker agreements. The speaker agreements are key to the whole conference organizing process. If you don’t agree to talk, its hard for the organizers to agree to hold a slot for you. Very simple.  You likely got an email with info on the agreements.  If you can’t find it, go to the EclipseCon submissions system, log in and click on the ‘?’ (question mark) beside your name.

Finally, the beer part. Consider the following three points:

  • EclipseCon speakers get conference registration discounts. Free entry if you are doing a full talk, 20% for every 10 min of short talk.
  • The speaker discount for a talk cannot be used unless all of the speakers on that talk fill out their speaker agreement.  The “very early registration” deadline, saving $300, is fast approaching (Dec 31).

Together these mean that if you don’t fill out your speaker agreement, the co-presenter on your short talks who is using the talk discount (perhaps you) will not be able to register and take advantage of the very early discount. Put another way, they will have less money to buy you beer at the conference.

Conclusion: Signed speaker agreements = More beer.

As stretch?  Perhaps.  But you read the whole thing and now will go and register here.  Right?