The e4 RAP and RCP/RAP single sourcing webinar

September 30, 2008 | 2 min Read

e4 is now an official incubating project under the Eclipse project, the review ended positively and uneventful.

There have been some promising experiments and demos going on already, the latest ones mainly targeting the desktop side of the affairs. Using the source code of the latest EMF based demos and compiling it against the RAP target platform revealed only a few api methods that were not available, and not now the code is already running in the browser.

It is really cool that there are no singletons in the new codebase, so it is working in a multi-user environment without any changes necessary. It does not yet look pretty, but that is another topic we want to address with e4 …

The demo shown on the screenshot above is a good example that even if you can reuse the same code for client and web it does not always makes sense. The point here is that the image is now resized on the server to fit within the space available for the CTabFolder. It would be much better to have the browser handle this on the client side.

It is often possible to deal with different requirements of server and client effectively if you follow some best practices. Frank, the technical lead of the RAP team will do a webinar on this topic on Oct 23.