PresentationFactory for RAP

PresentationFactory for RAP

As Neil pointed out in Having fun with RAP and OSGi there is a challenge for us rappers: Provide a look & feel of RAP applications suitable for the web. We do not claim that we are completely there, but introducing the PresentationFactory is a big step forward.


You now no longer depend on our design capabilities, just do it yourself. And to help you get started we created a mockup presentation as part of the rap demo that comes with M4.


We have recently been talking to a company that does user interface design for a couple of famous customers and they offered to help with UI and interaction design. I am very much looking forward to work with those guys.

The latest RAP 1.1 M4 build provides a couple of more interesting new things: We have been moving to the 3.4 code base and created some tooling to enable PDE jUnit style testing. We are even using the original tests from JFace / Platform. See the New and Noteworthy for details and more interesting new stuff.