Web-enabled Draw2D in RAP?

Web-enabled Draw2D in RAP?

My colleagues from the RAP Team have created proof-of-concept implementation of a web-enabled Draw2D port. This could eventually allow you to port existing graphical applications based on the GEF/Draw2D frameworks to the web.

Click here to watch the video.

So will this be available as part of Eclipse RAP soon?

No, this work was intended as a feasibility study. At this point we are looking for parties that are interested in using and productizing this technology.


  • Ian Bull
    Posted at 02:13, 2008-03-27

    I work on the Zest component of GEF, a visualization toolkit based on Draw2D. Essentially Zest is JFace for Graphs. I would be very interested in this.

    What are you using to render the graph? The canvas tag or just move-able DIV layers?

  • Asim
    Posted at 10:49, 2008-03-27

    Is perhaps the clue in the title bar?


  • Elias Volanakis
    Posted at 18:52, 2008-03-27

    Hi Ian,

    we use combination of Java and Flex, similar to what we do with RWT.

    As you know RWT provides a web-enabled API-compatible implementation of SWT.

    The technology in the video provides a web-enabled implementation of Draw2D while preserving the original Java APIs. My colleagues tell me that they are able run Draw2D snippets without modifications.

    The layouting and UI state are kept on the server. The browser receives a flex-based component which takes care of passing user-activity to the server and rendering the UI updates it receives in response.


  • Chris Aniszczyk (zx)
    Posted at 19:20, 2008-03-27

    very cool!

    btw, I love the hat Elias 😉

  • Martin Harrigan
    Posted at 15:28, 2008-04-28

    Great idea – the video looks very promising – will this ever make it to the eclipse repositories or is it solely for the commerical world?

  • Elias Volanakis
    Posted at 06:29, 2008-04-29

    Hi Martin,

    thanks for your interest.

    This has previously been discussed in this thread:


    Feel free to post follow-up questions on the rap-dev mailing list:


    Kind regards,

  • Emanuele Toniolo
    Posted at 14:02, 2009-06-22

    Hi Elias,
    I’m started a new Web application project and I need the functionality of draw2d . Your sample video is great and I like to use Eclipse RAP technology for my project but, one year later, what is the situation of your work?

    Kind regards,

  • Elias
    Posted at 16:38, 2009-06-22

    Hi Emanuele,

    we are looking for people interested in sponsoring the cost of making these prototypes usable in their application.

    If this is something you would be interested in, please contact me by email: elias AT eclipsesource.com

    Kind regards,