RAP at the Seattle CodeCamp (with slides)

RAP at the Seattle CodeCamp (with slides)

Interested in the Rich Ajax Platform and residing in the Seattle area?

Join me this weekend (Jan 26th – 27th) at the Seattle CodeCamp!

The motto is “No Fluff – only Code” so I’m skipping the slides and preparing an hour of live RAP coding. To introduce RAP I’ll recreate the RAP Calculator, with a few extra twists. The session is currently scheduled for Sat, Jan 26th, 3:15pm.

Note that conference schedule is traditionally heavy with .NET topics (Redmond is around the corner) so the Java Track is a bit short, including talks on how Eclipse ECF is being build, Scala and Drools.

— Update 1/27: Thanks to everybody who attended my session. Download the slides here. This post explains how to get started with the RAP Calculator example.

— Update 3/11: Updated the instructions on installing and running the RAP calculator.


Image: (c) 2007, papalar @ Flickr