How Do You Want Your Training To Be Delivered?

Open Enrollment? On-Site Trainings? Workshops? Virtual Classroom?

Virtual Classroom FAQ

The EclipseSource Virtual Classroom training program provides the same high quality programming as our in-person courses, without geographical boundaries.  We collaborate using screen sharing, voice and chat, and provide you with the materials, examples and exercises giving you maximum learning opportunities. 

1 - Is the content the same for the Virtual Classroom courses as the regular public or in-house courses?  

The outline for the Virtual Classroom courses is the same as the public or non-customized in-house programs with a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises.   The course takes place over consecutive days with normal breaks for coffee and lunch. 

2 - Will I get a copy of the materials?

The week before the course you will receive instructions for downloading the course materials, example code and exercises.  

3 - Will there be hands-on exercises?  How will they work remotely?

Yes.  The program includes lecture and hands-on exercises.  As in a regular in-person course the exercises will follow a lecture section, and you will be asked to work through them on your own equipment.   You will be able to talk with the instructor, or send chat messages with any questions.  For certain questions that may benefit the whole group, participants have the option of sharing their screens with all participants.

4 - What are the advantages of a Virtual Classroom?

The Virtual Classroom enables you to learn from internationally recognized experts without having to travel to their locations.  You and your organization save time and expenses for travel, and you can learn from the location that suits you best.

5 - What are the system requirements for the course?  

We collaborate over Citrix GoToWebinar.  You can find the latest system requirements on the Citrix website.

Upon registration you'll also receive a confirmation that includes the latest system requirements. 

Currently Citrix does not support Linux-based environments.  Other known problems include some firewalls.  Before the course, feel free to contact us for the latest system test schedule at training(at)

6 - How many people are in the course?

EclipseSource Virtual Classrooms maintain the same ratio of participants to instructors as our regular courses.  That means a maximum of eight people per instructor.