Research and Innovation

EclipseSource invests significant effort in the development and exploration of new and innovative technologies, expanding beyond the state-of-the-art. Our innovative teams, knowledge of leading edge technologies and many years of experience in research underpin our contributions to R&D projects. Our core competency however, is the transitioning of research results to industrial application.

EclipseSource is a research and innovation partner in many projects, our team members providing their solid research skills and experience. EclipseSource team members are recognized experts in the following research areas:

  • Architecture: Modularity, Client-Server
  • Testing: Test-Automatization, Model-based Testing, UI-Testing, Fuzzy Testing
  • Modeling: Domain-Specific Modeling, Model Versioning, Model-Driven Development, Model Scalability
  • Web-Technologies: Single-Sourcing, Cross-Platform Development, Scalability
  • Open-Source Development: Transparent and agile Processes, Long-Term Maintenance

EclipseSource is embedded in an international network of research facilities and is engaged in an active collaboration with world-renowned research partners such as Technische Universität München. 

We welcome your ideas and challenges. Contact us.