Support for mission critical deployments

Secure the performance of your core processes with access to priority support.

Features and benefits

Features and benefits of production support for Eclipse deployments include:

  • World-class Technical Support: Unlimited incident support from the Eclipse experts, with coverage up to 12x5 with one-hour response time for critical issues
  • Access to all features of a technology subscription, with the option to secure long life of critical software with Extended Life Cycle support
  • Security Alerts: Relevant security issues raised in the Eclipse Security Advisory program will be addressed by helping customers proactively address these issues in their environments.
  • Access to ESDN: EclipseSource Developer Network is a portal for accessing all benefits of an EclipseSource subscription, including: software package delivery, product updates, critical issue notifications, knowledge base access, and case management

Supported Software

All technology subscriptions can be extended with production support. If you require support for a different technology, call us or send us a message.

Email: info(at)

North America: +1 888 679 8753
Europe: +49 721 664733-0

Service Level Agreements

Production support is offered with a choice of either Standard or Premium Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The Standard SLA provides coverage during normal business hours, whereas the Premium SLA expands this coverage to include 12x7 support for critical issues.

Severity level definitions

Severity 1: Production System Down

A system failure in a production environment is resulting in a complete loss of productive capability. This type of problem severely impacts business objectives of the customer and requires rapid response and resolution. Examples of a down production environment are a non-recoverable server crash or the complete failure of one of the system components.

Severity 2: Deployment Stoppage, Major Feature Failure

A system failure occurs in a pre-deployment environment, which will result in a significant delay in the deployment into production. This type of problem severely impacts the rollout schedule of the production system. Typically, the problem will have to occur in a period where all implementations have been completed and customer enters the process of testing the production or staging environment just prior to going into production.

One of the system's major functions or features is failing. This type of problem also requires rapid response and resolution. Examples of a major feature failure are regular crashes of the server software or the return of incorrect results by an API function that cannot be worked around.

Severity 3: Feature Failure, Installation Problem

A feature in the software is failing and causing minor issues in production (usability). Productive work can continue but a remedy is required. In addition, if customer has any problem during the first installation of a product, the problem will fall into this severity. Installation problems typically encompass situations where the product fails to start after the installation process completed.

Severity 4: Feature is not working as documented, General Question

A feature in the software is not behaving as documented. Productive work can continue but the software is not performing according to specification and a remedy should be integrated into a subsequent release.

General questions are for problems of general nature. They can pertain to how the software should operate in both a production and development environment.

Response times for standard support

SLA for standard support
ActionSeverity 1Severity 2Severity 3Severity 4
Acknowledgement2 hours8 hours16 hours16 hours
Qualified response4 hours16 hoursone weekone week
Status frequencyDailyWeeklyWeeklyWeekly
Temporary fixYesYesNoNo


Support hours: Mon-Fri, 9-17 CET

Response times for premium support

SLA for premium support
ActionSeverity 1Severity 2Severity 3Severity 4
Acknowledgement1 hours2 hours16 hours16 hours
Qualified response2 hours4 hoursone weekone week
Status frequencyHourlyHourlyWeeklyWeekly
Temporary fixYesYesNoNo


Support hours: Mon-Sun, 8-20 CET

Other SLA options on request.

Product lifecycle and support policy

EclipseSource production support includes matching technology subscriptions for your deployment. All EclipseSource subscriptions offer a multi-year product lifecycle with update policies that maintain application stability and compatibility for the long-term. Extended Life Cycle support can be used to extend the life of critical software.

EclipseSource subscriptions offer a predictable path to upgrades and fixes as laid out below.

Support policy
Minor ReleasesSecurity PatchesBugfix PatchesEnhancementsNew certifications (JVM, OS)
Community SupportXX
EclipseSource SubscriptionXXXX
EclipseSource Extended Life SubscriptionXX

Scope of coverage


  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Bug reports
  • Bug fixes

Not covered

  • Modified packages
  • Third-party software, unsupported JVMs
  • Community projects upon which enterprise releases are based
  • Custom Code development (development of feature requests)
  • System design
  • Implementation and development of security rules and policies
  • Packages included to satisfy dependencies