EclipseSource provides a variety of developer support packages to meet your needs across the entire software development lifecycle. For mission critical software we also offer production support.

Developer Support Benefits

Support Packages
Price € Euro
To Order+49 721 66473343+49 721 66473343+49 721 66473343
Remote Support1
Sponsored Development1
One Standard Technology subscription included
Support time24-36 hours90-116 hours340-400 hours
Support period23 months12 months12 months
Response time31 business day1 business day1 business day
Designated contacts133
CommunicationWeb, email, phone, screenshareWeb, email, phone, screenshareWeb, email, phone, screenshare

Support for the inception phase

In the inception phase of a project, many important technology decisions are made. When using open source technologies, not only the technical viability has to be considered. Project activity and long-term sustainability also have to be taken into account. Typically, knowledge about specific open source components is rare in project teams. EclipseSource experts provide you with multi-year experiences in applying a variety of Eclipse open source technologies and will assist you with making the right decisions.

Our support packages can be used for on-site workshops, scheduled remote coaching sessionscode reviews and supporting technology evaluations during the inception phase of your project.

Additionally, our standardized training course program helps your team gain missing knowledge during the inception of your project.

Support for the development phase

When a development team is using new technologies, typically a lot of questions arise in day to day development. The questions range from how to use a particular API to finding the optimal architecture for the implementation of a new feature. Sometimes you also discover missing functionality or bugs in the open source components.

Our services for the development phase include remote support for answering questions and fixing of bugs in the supported open source components. We also provide you with blueprint implementations for more complex topics. Finally, you can get missing features implemented in Open Source - we call this part of our developer support sponsored development.

Support for the maintenance phase

Once a system is deployed, the primary focus is on ensuring that the software runs smoothly while keeping the number of changes as low as possible to avoid regression. Supporting current operating systems, runtime environments like JVMs and Browsers, and integrating security fixes are top priorities.

Our Pro and Elite developer support packages integrate a technology subscription of your choice to make sure that you receive commercial grade software maintenance. EclipseSource technology subscriptions are based on Eclipse Long Term Support (LTS).

(1) Limited by the available Support Time. Support can be requested by any of your Designated Client Contacts.
(2) Unused Support Time expires after the end of the Support Period.
(3) Expected response time. Maximum response time is 3 business days. Business hours for our US office are Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 PST, excluding US holidays. Business hours for our European office are Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 CET, excluding German holidays.