Yoxos SecureSource

Open Source. Validated. Secure.

Protect your investment when using open source. Use certified components from a trusted source.

Yoxos SecureSource

Yoxos SecureSource is a subscription-based service providing secure access to a large repository of Eclipse and other open source plug-ins. All of the content in the SecureSource repository is validated using a standards-compliant process and signed to guarantee pedigree and authenticity.

Yoxos SecureSource is a great fit for any project requiring full software validation of third-party components. It can also help when Eclipse development and runtime components are needed on disconnected or secure networks where only certified software is permitted.

Yoxos SecureSource is available in three editions to meet the different needs of open source users:

  • Certified Edition: Content signed as authentic and accessed via a secure repository.
  • Trusted Edition: Content analyzed for malicious code and signed as authentic. Delivered on DVD.
  • AuditReady Edition: Content analyzed for external reach and malicious behavior. Signed as authentic. Delivered on DVD with regulatory compliant process documentation.

The SecureSource library is uniquely flexible.  Make use of our library with the tools you and your team are using - in the environment and framework you are used to.


Open Source. Closed Loop.

Close the loop between open source and your business. SecureSource components are guaranteed to be sourced directly from the authoring organization. All SecureSource components are signed by EclipseSource to certify authenticity and are downloaded to your environment from secure servers to ensure fidelity.

Timely and Cost Effective

SecureSource delivers fully validated components for much less than the cost of a typical in-house validation process. SecureSource also keeps you up-to-date with validated versions of new releases as they come out.

Analyzed. Validated.

Trust the components you consume and consume components more easily. All SecureSource bundles reside in fully coherent repositories -- get everything you need from one place. For additional protection, virus and security exploit scanned bundles are available to meet your most stringent compliance needs.


Streamline compliance with your organization's procurement and open source consumption and licensing processes. SecureSource components are prepared using a fully documented, auditable and reproducible process.