Yoxos Enterprise

Internal Eclipse Distribution

Provide consistent Eclipse environments to your development teams

Automating Internal Eclipse Distribution

Providing a consistent Eclipse toolset usually requires a significant amount of investment in manpower, tools and processes. Internal IT departments can now streamline the process for managing Eclipse-based technologies across development teams of any size using the Yoxos Enterprise toolchain.

Deliver Custom Eclipse Packages for Your Team

As the architects of the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP), EclipseSource has been delivering EPP packages to millions of Eclipse users for over five years. With Yoxos Enterprise, you can now design and deliver your own unique Eclipse packages to your teams.

Create Repositories with Ease

Managing your developer assets, such as the plug-ins you need or toolchain configurations, is a complex task.  Without good tool support, aggregating and composing repositories requires a significant investment of time and resources. Yoxos Enterprise delivers powerful repository management tools to your IT teams. Simply choose the Eclipse plug-ins you require, then let the repository manager build a self-contained, dynamic repository that includes all required transitive dependencies.

By generating standard Eclipse (p2) repositories, software developers can use Yoxos repositories as Eclipse update sites, as target definitions or in build tools such as Maven Tycho or PDE/Build.

Bring the Power of the Eclipse Marketplace In-House

In addition to generating standard p2 repositories, Yoxos Enterprise can also be used as an Eclipse marketplace server. Team members can share and discover popular Eclipse plug-ins using the Eclipse MarketPlace Client.

Let Development Teams Choose Their Toolsets

Development teams can use predefined toolsets that suit their needs such as Java development, development in C or PHP and model-driven development. Administrators can easily select plug-ins from the repository that they created with the Repository Designer and combine them into packages, called Yoxos Profiles. Yoxos Profiles can be downloaded as complete Eclipse installations or started with the Yoxos Launcher. If the administrators give suitable authorization, developers can create their own profiles, which are restricted to the plug-ins available in the company repository.



Yoxos is built on p2, the standard repository format for Eclipse. Yoxos uses uniform processes for updating and enhancing development environments.


Integrate a broad set of open source, internally-developed and commercial plug-ins into your own custom Eclipse packages.


Detect plugin compatibility and dependency problems early during repository creation.


The Yoxos Enterprise tools automatically download all your Eclipse tools in-house. With Yoxos, your development teams no longer need to rely on the availaility of third party update sites.

Easy Update

The Yoxos Launcher automatically ensures that your entire development team is up-to-date. From the most stable installs to the bleeding edge, you define your update strategy and Yoxos manages the rest.

Target Platforms

If your organization is building Eclipse RCP or other OSGi-based products, Yoxos provides an easy way to create target platforms for builds.