Frequently Asked Questions about Yoxos

What is Yoxos?

Yoxos is several things at the same time; an Eclipse distribution, a collection of tools for managing your Eclipse configuration and a service for sharing these configurations with others. In short, Yoxos simplifies assembling and sharing the tools you use for development! 

What is a ‘Yoxos Profile’?

A Yoxos profile is a description of your Eclipse install. It lists the plug-ins you use, the workspace settings you like and the locations of your development artifacts such as your Git repositories. A Yoxos profile can be downloaded as a custom Eclipse install, or started with the Yoxos Launcher.

What is the ‘Yoxos Launcher’? 

The Yoxos Launcher is a small client side application that can be used for starting Yoxos Profiles. The Yoxos Launcher will automatically provision all the plug-ins you need for your install. If you use multiple Eclipse configurations, the Yoxos Launcher will share the plug-ins between your installs, resulting in faster installation times and a much smaller installation footprint. If you move between several Eclipse installs, the Yoxos Launcher is an essential tool.

Do I need the ‘Yoxos Launcher’?

No. With a Yoxos Account you can login and download a Yoxos Profile as a Custom Eclipse Package. However, without the Yoxos Launcher you won't receive automatic profile updates and each Eclipse install will be separate.

Can I add my own plugins to Yoxos?

Yes! You can specify your own update sites and choose plug-ins from these update sites to include in your Yoxos profile.

What is the ‘Yoxos Distribution’?

The Yoxos Distribution is a collection of Eclipse plug-ins assembled by the Yoxos team that have all been validated to ensure their dependencies have been met. The Yoxos Distribution has been partitioned into Slices, that is, versions of each plug-in known to work with a particular Eclipse version. There are over 2,000 plug-ins in each Slice.

Can new plugins be contributed to Yoxos?

Yes. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for new Eclipse plug-ins that you would like added to the Yoxos Distribution. For a plug-in to be included, it must validate (install) on the latest version of Eclipse. Also, some plug-ins cannot be included due to re-distribution policies listed in their licenses. 

How often is the Yoxos Distribution built?

The Yoxos Distribution is built three times per year. It is built to align with the Eclipse Simultaneous Release (end of June, September and February).

Can we deploy Yoxos internally?

Yes! A Yoxos Enterprise install can be used to distribute a standard Eclipse-based IDE to your developers. You can also create your own Slices, add your own components and control your own Eclipse distribution schedule.

How much does Yoxos cost?

Please see our Yoxos pricing page for details about the cost of using Yoxos.