Eclipse Management for Professionals

Manage your team's Eclipse environment by using Yoxos to distribute Eclipse installations and configurations throughout your enterprise. Yoxos enables you to manage, distribute and share Eclipse configurations and to ensure the integrity and completeness of custom toolsets. Yoxos is based on our extensive library of Eclipse commercial and open source plug-ins. 

Our suite of quality tools is designed to compose, validate and test Eclipse plug-ins. We can review the composed toolsets for consistency, completeness and even the plug-in design quality. 

Our collaboration tools allow you to share plug-in sets as well as the projects in your workspace, plug-in configurations and Eclipse preferences, all through a user-friendly GUI or web-based interface.

There are many great ways to get Yoxos working for your team.

Get Yoxos Now


Custom EPP Packages

Create a custom Eclipse configuration for you and your team and never waste time hunting for plug-ins again. Simply configure the installation, download your custom install and go!

The Yoxos Launcher

From plug-in configuration to workspace setup, the Yoxos Launcher makes development setup a breeze. The Yoxos launcher will automatically provision a Yoxos Profile for you, fetching all the required dependencies and starting your Eclipse installation.

p2 Simplified

Create and share your p2 repositories effortlessly. Simply specify the plug-ins you need and let the Yoxos resolver build the repository for you.

Yoxos Enterprise

Bring the power of Yoxos onsite for your specific requirements.

Yoxos SecureSource

Get Eclipse plug-ins that are validated, virus scanned, signed and securely delivered.


Select the Yoxos Product That Meets Your Needs

Yoxos Business Plans Yoxos
Simplified Eclipse Distributions
Avoid unpleasant surprises - get Yoxos validated and tested plug-ins.
Create your own custom Eclipse EPP Package
Use the Yoxos Launcher to easily manage several Eclipse installations
Create your own p2 repositories for sharing tools, targets or building dependencies
Workspace Provisioning
Share workspace settings and configurations
Share project-specific settings such as SCM configurations
Private Profiles
Create private Yoxos configurations with full access control
Access your Yoxos configurations as private p2 repositories
Add custom content to your installs
Control who can see your project-specific settings (such as SCM configurations)
Build Your Own Distribution
Build self-contained toolsets with the build and integration module
Verify the consistency of plug-ins with the validation and testing module
Patch existing plug-ins to build highly customizable Eclipse distributions
Deploy a private Eclipse Marketplace
Full Control Over Security Policies
Receive regular updates to the Yoxos plug-in library
Control your own Eclipse release cycle
On-site installation
Own hardware