Packaging and options for Virgo

The EclipseSource subscription for Virgo is based on the release 3.6.3 of Eclipse Virgo. It encompasses an enterprise distribution of Virgo for Tomcat and Virgo for Jetty. The supported modules are detailed below. 

Virgo Nano for Apache Tomcat Virgo Nano for Jetty
Servlet Container
Gemini Web (embedded Tomcat) yes
Jetty yes
Web Application Bundles yes yes
WAR files yes yes
Spring framework yes yes
OSGi Blueprint Service yes yes
OSGi Declarative Services yes yes
OSGi JMX Management yes yes
OSGi Log Service yes yes
Java Enterprise APIs on request
Snaps on request
Gogo shell via ssh/telnet yes yes
JMX management yes yes
Web Admin Console yes yes
Kernel region yes yes
Hot deployer yes yes
Bundle artefacts yes yes
User region
Plan and PAR artefacts on request
Configuration artefacts on request on request
p2 initial provisioning yes yes
p2 runtime provisioning1 yes yes
Dependency provisioning from repository1 on request on request
Remote repository serving
Medic/logback diagnostics yes yes
Resolution failure diagnostics yes2 yes2
Dumps for offline analysis yes3 yes3
  1. Kernel region only
  2. p2 resolution diagnostics only
  3. Dump subset for offline analysis

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