Tabris Pricing

Tabris reduces development costs by allowing a single team to develop cross-platform native applications for mobile devices. Instead of duplicating your effort, Tabris enables your team to build your application once and instantly serve multiple platforms. Our pricing will give you a positive Return on Investment in days.

Plattform Named Developer License Enterprise License
Combi-Package 980 USD / 785 EUR 29,000 USD / 23.200 EUR
iOS 500 USD / 400 EUR 15,000 USD / 12.000 EUR
Android 500 USD / 400 EUR 15,000 USD / 12.000 EUR


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Developer licenses include support and maintenance for one year. You can combine multiple developer licenses. Enterprise Licenses can be used by an unlimited number of developers and include maintenance for one year and support for 5 named developers.

Support and maintenance for subsequent years is priced at 30% of the license price. 

License comparison

  Developer License Enterprise License
Number of developers (per license) 1 unlimited
Access to SDK
Distribute apps with no runtime fees
Access to all Tabris Source Code  
Extend Tabris Client functionality