Yoxos is several things at the same time: an Eclipse distribution, a tool for managing your Eclipse configuration and a service for sharing these configurations with others. See the Yoxos product page for more information.



Tabris.js is a mobile framework that lets you develop native iOS and Android apps from a single code base written entirely in JavaScript. When HTML5 doesn’t cut it - Tabris.js will give you an easy path to native apps while building upon your existing JavaScript knowledge. Find out more about Tabris.js.


Technology Subscription

Our technology subscriptions offer you long term security for deploying Eclipse runtime technology. Backed by the Eclipse Long Term Support program, you get up to 7 years of support for current runtimes and security updates. Find out more about your advantages of subscriptions for RAP, Virgo and more.

EclipseSource's Products

Here at EclipseSource, all our products are based on innovative open source technologies with an emphasis on supporting software development teams and making them more productive.  

As the leading provider of Eclipse runtime products and services, EclipseSource brings together recognized experts from key Eclipse projects, professional processes and the ability to meet the technical requirements of commercial adopters.  

We provide a complete range of products and services from fundamental technology development, production and developer support, and training and mentoring to commercial management and providing solutions. 

Participate in Open Source

EclipseSource offers commercial users a previously unattainable level of participation in open source, maximizing the benefits for users and producers alike. Our all-open source products range from our own products such as Yoxos, Tabris, RAP and RCP, to products we develop especially for customers, which are customized to reflect their corporate identity.

A Selection of Our Products

Yoxos is an intelligent allrounder for configuring, managing and sharing Eclipse configurations and distributions with users and developers.  Tabris is our framework for securely developing mobile applications based on Eclipse RAP. Tabris allows you to integrate existing Java code into new mobile applications and makes platform-specific programming unnecessary - one code serves all!  Long term support is a service product that allows you to gain the necessary knowledge and resources for the productive application of open source Eclipse and OSGi technologies. Long term support builds on the fact that EclipseSource plays a leading role in the development of these technologies at the Eclipse Foundation and in its ecosystem.