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Products and Services for Adopting Eclipse and OSGi

EclipseSource provides products and services to help you maximize the benefits of Eclipse, open source software and componentization. If your aim is to increase innovation and reuse, develop more flexible offerings in faster release cycles and reduce licensing costs, then we have a track record of getting you there.

Our education, mentoring and implementation services help customers leapfrog the learning curve, save time and dramatically reduce the risk of failure when adopting Eclipse and OSGi. We employ experts in RCP, RAP, p2, EMF and related technologies, very often the developers who created the technology.

EclipseSources' tools for distributing Eclipse internally and creating powerful mobile business applications are well-known best-of-class products.

Secure software repositories ensure the origin of the software components you consume, while Long Term Support for Eclipse protects your software investment.

Together, these benefits enable customers to create powerful applications, software platforms and ecosystems at significantly lower TCO. 

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is a highly successful open source application platform. From its beginnings as a high-quality tooling platform and premier Java IDE, Eclipse has evolved to lead the way in rich client applications and is now conquering the runtime and server worlds.  One of the keys to Eclipse's success is the Equinox runtime at its heart.

Eclipse is also an open source ecosystem populated by hundreds of companies and thousands of developers producing and consuming components.  This drives home the "stackless stack" vision of enabling users to assemble the software infrastructure they need from commonly available parts.

The EclipseSource team leads over ten key projects in the Eclipse ecosystem.