About EclipseSource

EclipseSource brings together recognized experts from key Eclipse projects, professional processes and the ability to meet the technical requirements of commercial adopters. Our company provides a complete range of products and services from fundamental technology development, production and developer support, training and mentoring to commercial management and provisioning solutions.

The adoption of Eclipse in conventional software circles such as rich desktop and internet applications, middleware and servers, continues to accelerate. With this increase in use comes an increase in typical IT requirements - support, extensions, custom technology, management, and so on.  EclipseSource delivers industrial strength backing for one of the most popular open source platforms.

With leadership roles in over ten key Eclipse projects, EclipseSource provides complete coverage for essential Eclipse technologies under one roof. The organization has staff in North America and Europe and a truly global customer base ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers.

EclipseSource offers commercial users a previously unattainable level of participation in open source – maximizing the benefits for users and producers alike.