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Jun 30th, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Yoxos

On Saturday June 28th Yoxos celebrated a pretty big anniversary, Yoxos turned 10! Yoxos is the original Eclipse ‘distribution’, born with Eclipse 3.0 in 2004. Yoxos originally brought a variety of Eclipse plugins together and shipped them on a single CD. Below is the first Yoxos print ad, which appeared in November 2004. An early ISO [...]

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Jun 25th, 2013

Yoxos — Sticking with your current release

As many of you know, Eclipse Kepler is coming out on June 26th 2013. As we prepare for this release, we will be pushing some of the release candidates (and eventually the final release) to our production servers. However, for a variety of reasons you may not be ready to upgrade. Maybe the plug-ins you [...]

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Mar 15th, 2013

Yoxos 5.6 New and Noteworthy

I’m happy to announce that Yoxos 5.6 has been released. Yoxos is a service to help you create and share your Eclipse configurations. You can create your own custom EPP Packages, dynamically generate p2 repositories, or design and archive tool-chains for your entire development team. Here are a number of notable features in Yoxos 5.6. Custom [...]

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Mar 11th, 2013

Fast Access to Old Eclipse Releases

I few people have asked me where they can get old Eclipse releases. At EclipseSource, we’ve been serving the Eclipse EPP Packages from Amazon CloudFront for years, and we’ve kept these links for your convenience. You can get: Eclipse Juno (Platform version 4.2.2) Eclipse Indigo (Platform version 3.7.2) Eclipse Helios (Platform version 3.6.2) Eclipse Galileo (Platform version [...]

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Mar 11th, 2013

Create and Share p2 Repositories with Ease

Creating p2 repositories is certainly not easy; especially if you want to ensure that all the dependencies are met. Of course the publisher is a great tool for generating repositories, but you still need to find all your dependencies and either include them, or create a composite repository pointing at them. This task is recursive [...]

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Mar 11th, 2013

Creating your own custom Eclipse package

At EclipseSource, we’ve been helping to creating the Eclipse Packages for over 5 years now. During that time we’ve learned a lot about building tools for developers. One thing we’ve learned is that every development team is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. You want your Eclipse, your way! Of course, with the install and [...]

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Mar 5th, 2013

Adding your own plug-ins to Yoxos

Yoxos is a great way to manage your Eclipse installs. With over 2,000 plug-ins to choose from, you can create your Eclipse, your way. But what if your favorite plug-in is not available in the Yoxos Distribution? I am happy to announce that starting today, you can add your own update sites to a Yoxos Team [...]

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Feb 28th, 2013

Creating and Sharing Private Profiles with Yoxos

Getting a new developer up-to-speed can take time. First they need to download the development tools and configure their development environment. While some teams use pre-configured packages, like the Eclipse EPP Packages, most teams extend these tools with extra plug-ins or custom configurations. Many of these plug-ins have additional dependencies which also must also be [...]

Feb 27th, 2013

Editing your Yoxos Profiles on-line

Using Yoxos profiles to manage your Eclipse installs is an easy way to get your tools, your way. However, creating a Yoxos profile requires a few too many steps. This is why I’m happy to announce that starting today, you can create and download your custom Yoxos profile directly from the Yoxos website. Simply login, [...]

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