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Nov 7th, 2012

A Software Craftsman’s Toolbox: Lightweight Java libraries that make life easier.


As a software developer you will use plenty of frameworks during your career. There are the big beasts like Spring, ActiveMQ or OSGi that you have to master in order to build the foundations of your applications. And then, there are the small frameworks. Let’s call them lightweight tools. Like a carpenter, the lightweight tools [...]

Sep 11th, 2012

Running HTTP/REST Integration tests in an Eclipse Tycho Build


A few days ago my fellow Frank wrote about running HTTP/REST Integration Tests efficiently in Eclipse. Today I want to show you how to embed those tests in a headless build using Eclipse Tycho. Embedding restfuse in a build is as simple as embedding plain JUnit tests. But when trying to start an OSGi server [...]

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Sep 10th, 2012

restfuse 1.1.1 released


It has been almost a year since the last restfuse news. In the meantime restfuse was adopted by a lot of individuals and companies. Since the last release the development continued on github and made it now worthwhile to publish an update. Last week we released restfuse 1.1.1. Some noteworthy things are: Updated the underlying Jersey [...]

Jan 17th, 2012

Continuous Integration Tests for REST APIs with Maven, Jetty and restfuse

As you might know from previous posts, most of my work time has something to do with the development of REST based systems. The systems we develop are mostly written in Java. To ensure that a system works, we have a step in our continuous integration process that executes integration tests before automated deployment is [...]

Nov 14th, 2011

Introducing restfuse – a JUnit Extension to test REST APIs

For several projects at EclipseSource we are creating REST APIs. I’m involved in most of them and there is one thing that bothers me with every project. That is, testing. I mean, of course we are writing our unit tests first and we mock our services to get fast unit tests, but at some point [...]