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Nov 18th, 2009

Compile errors… I should have set my EE

Lately I have been working on (and committing) a repository analyzer tool for p2.  It is meant to help you validate your repository against known problems and common mistakes (missing version numbers, two IUs with the same ID/Version, etc…).  After cleaning up the code I finally committed it.  Within a few minutes of committing it, [...]

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Sep 11th, 2009

Picasso paints the web with RAP

Whenever I’m working on UI stuff, something always goes terribly wrong ;-) Sometimes it’s only a margin or padding, other times it a composite that crosses my path. I was pretty happy that Chris Aniszczyk and Simon Archer hacked together Picasso, which helps you to identify some of these layout issues. As you may know, [...]

Aug 14th, 2009

Eclipse, OSGi and PAX Runner

If you’re using Eclipse for OSGi development, there’s a neat utility that you can use to help you run your OSGi application on a variety of frameworks. PAX Runner uses the PDE org.eclipse.pde.ui.osgiFrameworks extension point to supply frameworks. To install PAX Runner, simply add their repository via software installation wizard. There’s an important thing to [...]

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Jul 29th, 2009

Nomenclature and the Evolution of Eclipse

One of the great things about Eclipse is that it evolves, it’s not static. We reinvent ourselves. From IDE to RCP to Runtime. From Platform to e4 (e.g., the future). When we evolve, it gives us an opportunity to think about our lexicon. I recently sent an email to the Eclipse PMC entertaining the idea [...]

Jul 10th, 2009

PDE Build Compile Errors

Yesterday I spent the day working on examples of how PDE Build can be used to build OSGi bundles.  I was setting up builders, copying files from my workspace to my builder, and running builds.   Early in the morning I was faced with the follow: The method disposeImageButtonImages(ImageButton) from the type ScaledWidgetFactory refers to [...]

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Jul 8th, 2009

OSGi, Eclipse and API Management

Recently, a few people have come to me ask how Eclipse maintains its API and versions. The intent of this question was to see what lessons there are to be learned for other OSGi-based applications. If we step back a bit, in essence, Eclipse is a large OSG application. On top of that, Eclipse is [...]

Jun 19th, 2009

Install into Self, Eclipse Galileo Feature #6

As readers of my blog are no doubt aware, I have been counting down the Top 10 Galileo features that I’m most excited about. Galileo is the name of this years “Eclipse Release Train”, the simultaneous release of 33 Eclipse projects. Galileo will available for download on June 24th, but “Friends of Eclipse” get it [...]

Jun 18th, 2009

API Usage Scan against Galileo

Awhile ago, I blogged about PDE API Tools and the usage scans feature. In honor of the Eclipse Galileo release, I decided to run the usage scan tool and generate a report against a good portion of the release to see if anything interesting came up. I was particularly looking at what bundles were accessing [...]

May 29th, 2009

PDE’s Automated Management of Dependencies

I have been working with the upcoming Equinox OSGi book authors quite a bit as of late. They are a demanding bunch, but they have helped me improve PDE’s OSGi tooling while they write and exercise parts of PDE that not many people know about. In particular, the book uses something in PDE called Automated [...]