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Aug 17th, 2015

Introducing the EclipseSource Oomph Profile

The core strength of the Eclipse IDE has always been its adaptability and extensibility. Even without adding new plug-ins, you can customize almost everything by setting a preference. Additionally, there is a rich ecosystem of plug-ins for almost any imaginable task or activity a developer works on. This ranges from programming language support, SCM integration, [...]

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Sep 24th, 2013

Execution of JUnit Tests in a Single-Sourced Application

One strength of Eclipse is the possibility to use the same code on desktop clients as well as in web clients. The same application can run as an installed desktop application and in the web browser, with only few adjustments for both platforms. In our experience, about 80% to 90% of the code can run [...]

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Sep 6th, 2013

Welcome back NoClassDefFoundError in the Eclipse IDE

Situation 1: “Dad, where is my yellow road roller?” – “Let me see, son..” Looks around. “I have no idea. Are you sure you didn’t leave it at grandmas?” Situation 2: “Dad, where is my green bulldozer?” – “Let me see, son..” Looks around. “Here it is, son … wait, where did it go? I [...]

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Oct 25th, 2012

How to package your own p2 repository: FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher

Ever wondered how you can create a p2 repository from an arbitrary bunch of pre-built Eclipse bundles and features?  OK, you might also be wondering why you would want to do that. Let me give you a ‘real world’ situation where I badly needed to package p2 repos.  On an RCP Project that I coached [...]

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May 4th, 2011

Launch an OSGi app and automatically kill its running instance

Anoying Bind Exception

If you use Eclipse to develop OSGi based applications you may use the OSGi Launcher provided by the PDE Tooling. It’s cool tooling because it gives you full control over the OSGi instance to be launched.  You can choose the OSGi framework (e.g. Equinox or Felix), select the bundles to install and much more. But [...]

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Feb 2nd, 2011

Equinox/RAP WAR Products has moved. Hello Eclipse Libra…

A while ago I introduced you to my Google Summer of Code 2010 project, the WAR Products. I really appreciate your participation with feedback and bugs. It showed me that there is a real need for this tooling, so I’m proud to announce that the WAR Products development will not continue in the RAP Project. You may think, [...]

Aug 17th, 2010

Equinox/RAP WAR deployment: an end to the pain

Please note: This post is outdated. Please read this post and do not follow the install instructions in this one. A few weeks ago I presented you my GSoC 2010 project. The idea was to make Equinox/RAP WAR deployment easier. And yes, it was a real pain to create .war files for an Equinox/RAP application. [...]

Apr 14th, 2010

Revamping Eclipse Examples?

Even though I’ve been involved in the Eclipse community for around 5 years, I’m still amazed by the projects that are hosted under the Eclipse umbrella. As an “insider”, I have a pretty good overview of many projects and at least a rough picture of all the other cool stuff. While I love working with [...]

Dec 12th, 2009

PDE Goodness: Project and Target Platform Templates

A nice thing about Eclipse PDE is that it has mechanisms to make it very easy for developers to get started consuming your frameworks. Here are two of them. Target Platform Templates For runtime projects, such as Riena, RAP and Equinox, the first hurdle a developer faces is to set-up the appropriate target platform. A target [...]

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