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Sep 13th, 2012

RAP on the Quick: The pure Maven Way

Lately I was talking with a colleague if it is possible to kickstart a RAP standalone “Hello World” example in less than a coffee break(*). Well it depends… on the content of your local Maven directory and/or your internet connection. ;-) To make this happen you should postpone getting your coffee for now. Just go [...]

Sep 11th, 2012

Running HTTP/REST Integration tests in an Eclipse Tycho Build

Editor’s note: the Restfuse tool is no longer maintained and has been archived. However, you can still access the sources on GitHub. A few days ago my fellow Frank wrote about running HTTP/REST Integration Tests efficiently in Eclipse. Today I want to show you how to embed those tests in a headless build using Eclipse [...]

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Jan 17th, 2012

Continuous Integration Tests for REST APIs with Maven, Jetty and restfuse

Editor’s note: The Restfuse project is no longer maintained and has been archived. However, you can still access the sources on GitHub. As you might know from previous posts, most of my work time has something to do with the development of REST based systems. The systems we develop are mostly written in Java. To [...]

Aug 12th, 2011

How to build a cluster with Jetty / OSGi

In this blog post I describe how to set up a cluster node with an embedded Jetty Server inside Equinox. Basically I followed the instructions available at the Jetty Wiki page Session Clustering Using a Database [1]. There are two Jetty configuration files involved: /etc/jetty.xml defining a JDBCSessionIdManager /WEB-INF/jetty-web.xml defining a JDBCSessionManager The main jetty.xml [...]

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Dec 15th, 2010

How do you run your RAP application today?

Hi, We’d like to know more about RAP in the wild. Please take a moment and answer the question that follows below. We will publish the results of this anonymous poll later on this blog, and we’ll use them to influence the direction of the research work of the Sovereign project. Thanks for your time. [...]

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Oct 2nd, 2009

Executable WARs with Jetty

Today I want to talk about one of the younger members in the Eclipse family: Jetty. It is great to have such an interesting project on board and it is yet another example of how Eclipse has become more than just an IDE. What I wanted to with jetty was to create an executable, standalone [...]