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Apr 17th, 2014

New Print Support in Tabris 1.4


Many people can stick to consuming their content on digital screens, but there might be times when you want to have it on paper. Therefore, the upcoming Tabris 1.4 release will add native support for printing right from your mobile device. A Tabris client makes use of its platform specific approach to printing, which means [...]

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Mar 10th, 2014

Tabris 1.3 is here! Open Sourcing Passe-Partout…

Offline JavaScript Calculator

Today we are proud to unleash Tabris 1.3. Aside from many improvements under the hood and user experience enhancements for Android and iOS, some major features made it into this Tabris release. With this post we want to show you the highlights. Responsive Design with Passe-Partout Responsive Design is finally coming to the SWT world. And with [...]

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Dec 6th, 2013

Tabris 1.2 is here!


We love doing mobile apps and we love excellent UIs. That’s the reason why, 1.5 years ago we created Tabris. Today we are proud to unleash Tabris 1.2. It’s the best and biggest release so far and in this post we want to show you the highlights. Free for… We are a company that loves [...]

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Nov 14th, 2013

New in Tabris 1.2: Set your modal shell overlay color


Tabris 1.2 will be released on December 6th with a huge set of new features. You can check out the roadmap to get the big picture. In today’s post we’ll focus on a feature we introduced as a result of a user request: the ability to change the overlay color of a modal shell. The overlay [...]

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Aug 12th, 2013

Optimizing Images for Mobile, Native and Web Apps

Nowadays applications are expected to provide a better look & feel than ever before. This trend is not limited to mobile apps – desktop and web applications need keep up as well. A common solution is the extended use of images and graphics. But all the shiny pixels can take up quite a bit of [...]

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Apr 16th, 2013

Tabris 1.0 is here!


Today we are proud to release Tabris 1.0. If you have not followed us so far you probably don’t know what Tabris is. Let me put it in one sentence: Tabris is the first Java-Toolkit for the cross-platform development of native mobile Apps. It enables you to write iOS and Android Apps completely in Java with [...]

Apr 4th, 2013

Tabris 1.0 is coming!

Here is a quick reminder for all Tabris enthusiasts. The 1.0 release is on track and will be available real soon. Run your server side application on mobile devices and benefit from the native features of your platform. Use the Tabris UI, swipe widget, native video and much more. See you soon.

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Feb 19th, 2013

Inside the Tabris UI


As you may have read in the Tabris 0.11.0 new and noteworthy post, we have created a small UI framework called the “Tabris UI”. In this post I will dive into the details of this framework. Grab a coffee and open your mind ;). Let’s get started… Background Almost a year ago we released our [...]

Feb 18th, 2013

Tabris 0.11.0 – New & Noteworthy


Today I’d like to present Tabris 0.11.0. This build marks the last public milestone before the 1.0 release. From my point of view this milestone is a breakthrough for cross-platform mobile development in Java. We have managed to abstract common mobile navigation patterns into a Java API. In addition to this we have added support [...]

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