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Aug 25th, 2010

An Oscilloscope in the browser?

Last week Wim Jongman bloged about the Nebula Oscilloscope widget. It’s just an awesome widget for monitoring activity. See Wim’s post to form an opinion yourself. So, for me as a RAP developer, the first question I always ask myself when seeing such a cool thing is: “Will it run on RAP?”. I followed the [...]

Jul 16th, 2010

Helios DemoCamp Darmstadt review

Two days ago was the Helios DemoCamp in Darmstadt at Deutsche Telekom.  I think it was a very successful evening with a whole bunch of good talks. Two of them are very noteworthy. The first one was presented by Marcel Bruch. He talked about the Eclipse Code Recommenders project which he’s working on at TU Darmstadt. [...]

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Jul 13th, 2010

How features found their way into Eclipse Helios

Did you ever wanted to know how features find their way into Eclipse and became a part of a huge release like Eclipse Helios? What role do committers play? What is the part of the community? How do different projects collaborate with each other? For all of you Benjamin Muskalla and I will give the answer [...]

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Jun 28th, 2010

RAP and Eclipse Helios in a minute

As part of the new Eclipse Helios, the Rich Ajax Platform project released version 1.3. If you’d like to know what is new in RAP 1.3, here’s a short screencast. You can find a more detailed version on the RAP 1.3 New and Noteworthy page. Thanks to the community for all the hard work that [...]

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Jun 23rd, 2010

Top 10 Eclipse Helios Features

Two weeks ago I asked you to think about high quality software that has been consistently delivered on-time. Think about software that is used by millions of people world-wide, built by hundreds of developers, free to use and open to everybody and anybody. Think about software that spans domains, runs on the smallest of devices [...]

Jun 22nd, 2010

RAP in a minute

Did you ever want to know what the Rich Ajax Platform is without spending too much time on it? For all of those we did a screencast that shows what RAP is in about a minute. You’ll also find the video on the RAP project page. Please note: since the time of this post, RAP has been [...]

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Jun 22nd, 2010

Git Support, Top Eclipse Helios Feature #2

Only 1 more day until Eclipse Helios is release and we are down to my Top 2 features. Over the life of Eclipse (Jeff McAffer tells me that he’s been working on Eclipse since 1999) a lot has changed. Eclipse started its life inside OTI/IBM. In November 2001 the Eclipse Consortium was announced and Eclipse [...]

Jun 21st, 2010

EMF, Riena and RAP integration, Top Eclipse Helios Feature #3

Well here we are, it’s release week. Eclipse 3.6 — Helios — will be available on Wednesday June 23rd. It also means that I’m into my Top 3 features for this years release. For the past 7 days I’ve been presenting some of the New and Noteworthy features of this years release. Number 3 on [...]

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Jun 18th, 2010

MarketPlace Client, Top Eclipse Helios Feature #4

As most of you know, Eclipse Helios will be released next week. For regular readers of my blog (and, you know that I’ve been counting down some of the new features available in this release. During this series I have received comments (both in the comment fields, and on places like twitter) that essentially [...]