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Jun 18th, 2014

EMF Forms Joins the Eclipse Release Train!

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We are happy to announce that EMF Forms (and the parent project EMF Client Platform) joins the Eclipse Luna release train and will be available as part of the Eclipse Modeling Tools package. As we are new on board, I would like to introduce EMF Forms a bit, especially the new IDE tooling, which is [...]

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Jun 6th, 2014

EMF Forms: The Right Level of Abstraction


In my last blog post, I started to describe the framework EMF Forms in more detail and compared it to manual UI programming. To recap, EMF Forms is a framework for efficiently creating form-based user interfaces. Instead of programming form-based UIs manually, they can be described by a simple view model. This model is then [...]

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Apr 17th, 2014

EMFStore 1.2.0 Released

We just promoted the 1.2.0 RC to become the EMFStore 1.2.0 release.  EMFStore now includes extension points and API which allow you to more simply replace the storage technology on client and on server side based on the EMF resource set abstraction. As a proof-of-concept we have implemented a mongoDB back-end based on Mongo-EMF. To try EMFStore and [...]

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Apr 15th, 2014

EMF Forms: A Question of Effort


A comparison between view modeling and manual UI programming In my previous blog, I introduced EMF Forms, a subcomponent of EMF Client Platform (ECP), which supports the development of form-based user interfaces based on a view model.  The approach allows the effective development of forms without manual and tedious layout coding or manually binding controls [...]

Apr 4th, 2014

EMFStore 1.2.0 RC released

We just released EMFStore 1.2.0 RC. Apart from a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, there is one new feature I would like to point out: EMFStore now includes extension points and API which allow you to more simply replace the storage technology on client and on server side based on the EMF resource set [...]

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Mar 27th, 2014

EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms on Eclipse 4 (e4)


With release 1.2.x, EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms officially support the Eclipse 4 Application Platform (e4). In fact, it has been possible since release 1.1.0 to develop e4 applications based on ECP and EMF Forms, but parts of the UI support were still bound to e3. In 1.2.x, we refactored these remaining pieces. Since [...]

Mar 12th, 2014

Introducing EMF Forms


In this blog post I would like to officially introduce a framework called EMF Forms, which will be part of the upcoming Luna release, too. The purpose of the framework is to ease the development and layout definition of form-based UIs that allow browsing, creation and data entry. EMF Forms also includes typical features of [...]

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Mar 5th, 2014

EMF Client Platform 1.2.0 released

We are very happy to announce release 1.2.0 of the EMF Client Platform (ECP)! The 1.2.0 release contains a lot of small improvements. The most noteworthy new features are: EMF Forms, a new sub component of EMF Client Platform support the efficient development of form-based UIs and can be used independently of ECP ECP and EMF [...]

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Dec 15th, 2013

Call for Submission: Modeling Symposium @ EclipseCon North America 2014

I am happy to announce that Ed, Eugen and I are organizing the Modeling Symposium for EclipseCon North America 2014. It is scheduled for the third day of the conference, i.e., Wednesday, March 19th. The symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work. We offer 10 [...]

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