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Jun 22nd, 2016

RAP 3.1 is here

With the release of Eclipse Neon, we are proud to announce that RAP 3.1 is released and available for download. Incidentally, just yesterday RAP celebrated its 10th birthday since creation review! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our users, committers and contributors, without whom this technology would not be what it is. On to [...]

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May 2nd, 2012

RAP mobile 0.5.7 – New and Noteworthy

Once again we are releasing a new version of RAP mobile. This latest release 0.5.7 brings with it a very cool new feature that we call the “Client Canvas”. This extension of the classic SWT Canvas allows you to draw freehand on your screen with your stylus or even your finger. Additional Features and API [...]

Nov 14th, 2011

Performance boost for RAP 1.5

Consider this:   I measured the time needed to create 200 Buttons in RAP 1.4 and RAP 1.5M3, and it shows a considerable performance boost (at least for the browsers i tested). One reason for this is that we changed from quirksmode to standard rendering in IE9, which among other things, finally allowes us to [...]

Apr 20th, 2010

Drawing with RAP? Yup!

Nebula PShelf on RAP

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous what happens with the RAP community after this post. At least for me, the last days were pretty exciting. Some days ago, Ivan from the RAP team committed the initial support for a GC (GraphicsContext) for RAP. Currently restricted to the Canvas widget, the GC provides thousands [...]