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Dec 10th, 2015

J2V8 as an OSGi Bundle

J2V8 is a set of Java Bindings for V8. I’m happy to announce that with the 3.1 release, we now ship J2V8 as an OSGi bundle. This means that you can easily use J2V8 on your favourite OSGi runtime, or as an Eclipse plugin. To make it even easier to consume, we’ve also made J2V8 [...]

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Mar 9th, 2015

EclipseSource at EclipseCon 2015

The EclipseSource team has landed in San Francisco and many of us are hard at work finalizing our presentations. It looks like a busy week as we are giving 5 talks, 3 tutorials and organizing the Modeling Symposium, but don’t worry, we’ve already found a few seats in Knuckles to call home for the next few days. [...]

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Nov 14th, 2014

EclipseCon 2015 — Final Call For Submissions

The EclipseCon 2015 submission deadline is Monday November 17th. Of course we are looking for great Eclipse / OSGi / RCP content, but we are also looking for talks on really cool Java technologies, Cloud Development, Languages and Tools, Modeling or anything else you think the Eclipse community would be interested in. EclipseCon is being [...]

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Oct 9th, 2014

Dockerizor – Creating Docker Images for Virgo the Easy Way

During the preparations for our EclipseCon talk “Web Applications with Eclipse RT and Docker in the Cloud” about our first Docker project, we spent quite some time building Docker images for Virgo powered applications. We investigated how to improve the continuous delivery of such applications using Gradle. In the first step we used the ‘Gradle [...]

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May 26th, 2014

OSGi JAX-RS Connector 4.0 released

Today we are proud to release the OSGi JAX-RS Connector 4.0. A lot has happened since the 3.3 release back in March 2014. This post will give you an overview of the new and noteworthy things included in the 4.0 release. We updated the underlying Jersey library to 2.8 which was released back in April. [...]

May 15th, 2014

Ready, Steady, Vir…Go!

Several months ago I took over the project lead for Virgo. The project code base and vision had been established by SpringSource dm Server[1] and later on by VMware[2] and SAP[3]. After an assessment of what Virgo can do today and where we see a future for Virgo in the application server market, we want [...]

Apr 25th, 2014

Combining Different Java Versions

Java8 was released in mid-March and the Java 7 End Of Life plan has already been announced. In a perfect world we would all be pushing forward with Java 8, but in reality, other requirements often get in the way. Many developers I talk to say that their production environments (or more likely, their customer’s [...]

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Feb 24th, 2014

Deploying RAP Applications Made Simple – Introducing the Virgo RAP Server

Yes, we love building modular web applications, if they just were easier to deploy on a server! Wrapping OSGi applications in WAR files, apparently still the most popular deployment option for RAP, results in a complicated setup: a web app containing an OSGi runtime together with all bundles, configuration, and a bridge servlet that delegates [...]

Feb 18th, 2014

A lightweight Java application server on Raspberry Pi

Response times for Tabris UI demo app

As of recently, Oracle is providing a JVM for Raspberry Pi that performs well enough to use the Pi as an application server. Raspberry Pi and Java haven't been a great couple in the past, but with the new JVM that added native floating point operations this is history. If you are interested, here are [...]

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