Feb 22nd, 2010

OSGi DevCon London 2010

As a reminder, OSGi DevCon London happens tomorrow, February 23rd. If you want to learn about OSGi from the experts and live in the area, I highly recommend you visit. I’m personally excited about Kirk Knoernschild’s keynote about OSGi in the Enterprise: Agility, Modularity and Architecture’s Paradox. You can view the full program here. I [...]

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Jul 3rd, 2014

Eclipse RAP 1.3 M5 Released

The RAP team just announced the availability of RAP 1.3 M5! If you’re interested in single-sourcing Eclipse-based applications, please give it a try. In the 1.3 M5 release, the RAP team added more SWT API to make single sourcing existing applications easier: Composite#layout( Control[], int ) MouseEvent#stateMask Widget#reskin( int ) and SWT.Skin event ImageData ImageLoader [...]

Feb 1st, 2010

Reminder: OSGi DevCon London 2010

Here’s a gentle reminder that OSGi DevCon London 2010 is happening in a few weeks. I highly recommend registering if you’re interested in OSGi. There will be people from all over the OSGi community including some great tutorials. I’ll be giving a talk regarding OSGi and API evolution… with some stories of how we handle [...]

Jan 14th, 2010

EclipseCon 2010 – Runtime Selections

Yesterday, the EclipseCon Program Committee made the final tough decisions and pressed the button to notify people if their submissions got accepted or not. I had the honor of putting together the Eclipse Runtime (EclipseRT) content. If you’re coming to EclipseCon, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn about EclipseRT and OSGi. Here are some [...]

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Jan 12th, 2010

Two New Projects at Eclipse: Virgo and Graphiti

Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced two new projects at Eclipse.org, Graphiti and Virgo. The Graphiti project aims to offer an Eclipse-based graphics framework to enable easy development of state-of-the-art diagram editors for domain models. SAP plans to contribute the developed framework. This could have a large impact in the Eclipse Modeling space where graphic modeling [...]

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Aug 20th, 2010

Eclipse RAP 1.3 M4 Released

The RAP team is proud to announce the fourth milestone for the Eclipse Helios release. What’s new? Well, RAP now supports drag and drop semantics. The user can use the mouse and keyboard the way he is used to in his desktop applications to move, copy or link data. The API is SWT-compatible, using DragSource, [...]

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Dec 10th, 2009

Webinar: Eclipse in the Large

On December 14, 2009, the Eclipse Foundation is hosting a webinar that will include speakers from Cisco, Morgan Stanley and eBay discussing deploying Eclipse to thousands, and even tens of thousands, of their developers. Here’s the breakdown of the schedule… Dennis Vaughn, Cisco Scalability (65k + source files) Diverse Deployments (geographically, NFS, OS/Versions) Engineering Environment [...]

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Dec 8th, 2009

Eclipse Vienna DemoCamp 2009

Last week, Jeff McAffer and I had the honor to attend the Eclipse Vienna DemoCamp hosted at the beautiful TU Vienna campus. There were about 80 people that showed up and many interesting talks were given. Instead of going through all of them, I’ll highlight some of the ones I personally enjoyed. The day started [...]

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Dec 3rd, 2009

RAP Case Study: Texas Center for Applied Technology

I enjoy seeing people use EclipseRT technology in the wild. Recently I met and spoke with Austin Riddle from the Texas Center for Applied Technology (TCAT) about how they are using the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and what applications they are building with it. 1. What does your application(s) do? We have several live [...]

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