Mar 20th, 2017

Tabris.js 2 now supports Windows 10 Apps

As of version 2.0 (Beta 2), Windows 10 officially belongs to the family of platforms supported by Tabris.js, the cross-platform Mobile App development framework. This means the Tabris.js 2 Windows Developer App and Cordova Platform are now available to download and will be updated with each new Tabris.js Release. Our Tabris Build Service also has [...]

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Mar 29th, 2016

Announcement: Windows 10 Support coming to Tabris.js

The goal of Tabris.js is to enable you to write an app once and run it on any mobile platform you need, always using 100% native UI components. By now Windows 10 Mobile has a respectable market share in Europe, and its x86 counterpart is running on millions of tablets and laptop/tablet hybrids everywhere. Therefore [...]

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Dec 18th, 2015

Tabris.js Tips & Tricks: Parts 1 – 3

1 – A module for every page! The Page widget and JS modules are a natural fit. The backbone of your Tabris.js App should consist of modules defining pages. For example ‘MyPage.js’: You can then use it like this: 2 – Give that back! In the above example we give some data to the page, but [...]

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Aug 9th, 2016

How to find local resources in Tabris.js

The built-in, node compatible module system of Tabris.js makes it pretty easy to find and load JavaScript files within your project. NPM modules aside, all paths are relative. So even if your current module is "subProject/modules/dialogs/foo.js", you can open "subProject/modules/dialogs/bar.js" simply by calling "require("./bar");" However, aside from .js files, your Tabris.js project may also consist of images, json, [...]

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Jun 24th, 2015

RAP 3.0 Released

It’s good to be back. After using half-year release cycles for the RAP 2.x versions, taking a full year for RAP 3.0 felt eerily long. On the other hand I think it was exactly the time we needed to create a release that we can be proud of. While there was some debate the last [...]

Apr 20th, 2015

Nebula Grid and FileDialog are now part of RAP

If there is a theme for RAP 3.0, it is to bring the current incarnation of the framework to its fullest potential. On the one hand this meant cleaning up API and code and raising the minimum requirements to take advantage of current HTML5/CSS3 features. For example this allowed us to add clipping support, modern [...]

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Aug 9th, 2016

Working with modules and libraries in Tabris.js

Tabris.js implements a module system as outlined by Common.js and supported by npm. Modules are a great way to organize your application code into isolated units. Unlike conventional scripts they keep the global namespace clean and are automatically loaded in the right order. Script modules The most common way to create a module is to [...]

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Dec 22nd, 2014

RAP 3.0 Release Schedule Update

We have recently updated the RAP 3.0 release plan, it is now going to ship together with the Eclipse Mars release train in June 2015. I would like to provide some insight into this unusual update. As you may know, RAP was released in 6 month cycles for the past 2 years, adding a in-between [...]

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Nov 26th, 2014

RAP 3.0 M3: revised ScrollBar, row templates in Nebula Grid

Last Friday, 14 November 2014, we published another milestone build for RAP: RAP 3.0 M3. It is available for download from This milestone is mostly about theming improvements. What’s included? Modernized ScrollBars In the default theme, ScrollBars now have a more modern look and feel. They are invisible until they are “activated” by the [...]

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