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Apr 17th, 2014

New Print Support in Tabris 1.4


Many people can stick to consuming their content on digital screens, but there might be times when you want to have it on paper. Therefore, the upcoming Tabris 1.4 release will add native support for printing right from your mobile device. A Tabris client makes use of its platform specific approach to printing, which means [...]

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Mar 26th, 2014

Tabris on Android Wear


Google just announced their push into the wearable computing market with the introduction of Android Wear. Currently the main focus of Wear is to deliver rich notifications from your phone to your wrist. While that is great, Wear is actually a full fledged Android device (alas with a small screen). We took our Tabris swipe [...]

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Mar 26th, 2014

User Experience Enhancements in Tabris 1.3 for Android


The upcoming Tabris 1.3 release will include visual improvements to the Tabris Android client. Most notable is an updated animation for the TabFolder appearance and an improved user experience when dealing with pages in the Tabris UI. TabFolder gets smoother The TabFolder always had a nice look to it but with the recent changes it [...]

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Feb 18th, 2014

Dart as a programming language

Lately i have been experimenting with the dart language a lot. Dart claims to be “a new platform for scalable web app engineering” and while that is true, it is also an interesting programming language. The following talk by +Bob Nystrom describes how dart relates to other higher level languages. It is a quick primer on [...]

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Dec 13th, 2013

Crossing boundaries with the new Android transitions


A few weeks ago I posted a blog post about how to create animations using the ViewOverlay introduced in Android 4.3. Fast forward to today and we have a new Android version: Android 4.4 (KitKat). This latest edition brings a set of new, animation-centered APIs called “transitions”. +Chet Haase created a great dev byte series video explaining what transitions are [...]

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Nov 14th, 2013

New in Tabris 1.2: Set your modal shell overlay color


Tabris 1.2 will be released on December 6th with a huge set of new features. You can check out the roadmap to get the big picture. In today’s post we’ll focus on a feature we introduced as a result of a user request: the ability to change the overlay color of a modal shell. The overlay [...]

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Sep 19th, 2013

Crossing boundaries with the new Android ViewOverlay


Animations are an integral part of mobile applications. They make an app more enjoyable, emphasize actions and, in general enrich the user experience. While there are many ways to perform animations on Android, certain advanced effects are not always easy to achieve. Inspiration Inspired by the excellent Android Dev Bytes series from +Chet Haase and his [...]

Aug 22nd, 2013

Eclipse Command Line Options

Eclipse offers a huge number of command line options to configure many aspects. Some of the more popular ones are: -clean If set to “true”, any cached data used by the OSGi framework and eclipse runtime will be wiped clean. This will clean the caches used to store bundle dependency resolution and eclipse extension registry data. Using [...]

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Aug 9th, 2013

Efficiently dealing with SWT GridLayout and GridData


Creating UIs with SWT or RAP is a common task in many projects. While we have a comprehensive set of widgets at our disposal, we only have a handful of layouts to choose from. One of the more popular layouts is the GridLayout. Together with its child the GridData it allows you to cover most [...]