Markus Knauer

Markus is project lead of the Eclipse Packaging Project and creates all those packages that can be downloaded from the Eclipse Foundation website, co-lead of the g-Eclipse project that is building a framework which allows to easily work in a Grid Computing or Cloud Computing environment, a member of the Eclipse Planning Council and elected member of the Architecture Council.

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Dec 18th, 2009

Eclipse Helios M4 is out

Christmas is in the very near future and I have the pleasure to announce the availability of the forth milestone for next year’s Eclipse Simultaneous Release Helios: M4 is out! This time it was less than one week between the Eclipse Platform build (called ‘+0’) last Friday, several builds (‘+1’ to ‘+3’) this week where [...]

Nov 2nd, 2009

Eclipse Helios M2 is out (EPP)

The second milestone (M2) of next years’ Eclipse Simultaneous Release called Helios is now available! I am proud that I am able to announce the availability of the corresponding Helios EPP M2 packages. You can download them from the usual EPP nightly build page It’s the first time ever that the EPP packages are [...]

Sep 21st, 2009

Galileo SR1 EPP Packages – Preview

Only 4 days until the final Galileo SR1 bits are going to be released on Friday, time to write about some good news: First of all, there is bug 281501 “64 bit Cocoa EPP packages should be available” which is currently the most wanted bug at Eclipse. I never thought that I would ever be [...]

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Jun 25th, 2009

100000 Galileo package downloads in 24 hours

Twenty-four hours after opening the flood gates and releasing Galileo I thought I could provide some statistics. Over a year ago I started one of my talks at EclipseCon announcing that every 3 seconds someone starts a download of a packages that we create in my Eclipse Packaging Project. But everything is different in the [...]

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Jun 8th, 2009

Galileo RC3 Packages Released

As of a few minutes ago, Galileo RC3 EPP packages are available from the Eclipse website. You can download them via a direct link to the Galileo RC3 packages website or by opening the main Eclipse download page.  Note, if you go that way, you need to switch to the “Develompent Builds” tab. Why am [...]

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Aug 20th, 2010

Equinox above the Cloud – some call it Heaven!

We are all busy preparing our talks and demonstrations for EclipseCon, aren’t we? This year I am trying to use in all of my talks a common set of examples. The plan is to showcase technology from several projects. I will start with the EPP Download Wizard (at the moment ‘Friends-of-Eclipse’ only) from my EPP [...]

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Mar 1st, 2009

Ganymede SR2 and ’23’

I have to admit: 23 is the number that I like most. Some computer scientists and mathematicians prefer 42, but this is not a prime number. Why am I starting this blog entry with this odd number? Because my birthday is on a 23rd? While this is true, it is not particular interesting. But if [...]

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