Jonas Helming

Jonas Helming is co-lead for the EclipseSource Munich team and the project lead of the Eclipse EMF Client Platform and the EMFStore project. He works as an Eclipse Consultant and trainer for Eclipse related topics and agile methods. He frequently publishes tutorials, e.g. about EMF and e4, and recently published a book about e4.

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Sep 18th, 2014

EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms 1.4.0 released!

We are happy to announce that we have just released EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms 1.4.0! Both will be part of Eclipse Modeling Tools Luna SR1, but you can already find the new release on our download pages: Download EMF Client Platform Download EMF Forms EMF Client Platform is a framework to support the [...]

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Sep 10th, 2014

Call for Submissions: Modeling Symposium ECE 2014

I am happy to announce that Philip, Ed and I are organizing the Modeling Symposium for EclipseCon Europe 2014. It is scheduled for the first day of the conference, i.e., Tuesday, October 28th. The symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work. We offer 10 minute [...]

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Jul 14th, 2014

Migrating Eclipse 4 Applications from Kepler to Luna

The Eclipse 4.4 release, called “Luna”, was released on 26 June 2014. Since I participated in the migration of a couple of Eclipse 4 applications to the new release, I want to share my findings and also get feedback if other users found some things I didn’t come across yet. This post is focused on [...]

Jun 24th, 2014

EMF Forms Joins the Eclipse Release Train!

Abbildung 6b

We are happy to announce that EMF Forms (and the parent project EMF Client Platform) joins the Eclipse Luna release train and will be available as part of the Eclipse Modeling Tools package. As we are new on board, I would like to introduce EMF Forms a bit, especially the new IDE tooling, which is [...]

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Jul 2nd, 2014

EMF Forms: The Right Level of Abstraction


In my last blog post, I started to describe the framework EMF Forms in more detail and compared it to manual UI programming. To recap, EMF Forms is a framework for efficiently creating form-based user interfaces. Instead of programming form-based UIs manually, they can be described by a simple view model. This model is then [...]

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Apr 30th, 2014

Eclipse Democamp Munich 2014


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich 2014 on June 24th, which will be hosted this year by our new sponsor BSI and will be taking place at Capgemini Munich. The DemoCamp Munich is one the biggest DemoCamps worldwide and therefore an excellent opportunity to showcase all the cool, new [...]

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Jun 10th, 2014

EMF Forms: A Question of Effort


A comparison between view modeling and manual UI programming In my previous blog, I introduced EMF Forms, a subcomponent of EMF Client Platform (ECP), which supports the development of form-based user interfaces based on a view model.  The approach allows the effective development of forms without manual and tedious layout coding or manually binding controls [...]

Mar 28th, 2014

EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms on Eclipse 4 (e4)


With release 1.2.x, EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms officially support the Eclipse 4 Application Platform (e4). In fact, it has been possible since release 1.1.0 to develop e4 applications based on ECP and EMF Forms, but parts of the UI support were still bound to e3. In 1.2.x, we refactored these remaining pieces. Since [...]

May 13th, 2014

Introducing EMF Forms


In this blog post I would like to officially introduce a framework called EMF Forms, which will be part of the upcoming Luna release, too. The purpose of the framework is to ease the development and layout definition of form-based UIs that allow browsing, creation and data entry. EMF Forms also includes typical features of [...]

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