Ian Bull

Ian is an Eclipse committer and the Principal Architect for Yoxos Enterprise. Ian co-leads the Eclipse p2 project, serves on the Eclipse RT PMC, the Eclipse Planning Council and the Eclipse Architecture Council. His interests include software architecture, component oriented design, release engineering, human-computer interaction and just about everything related to software engineering. Ian holds a Bachelor and Master's degree from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the University of Victoria.

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Mar 26th, 2014

Eclipse Support for Java 8

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.10.31 AM

Last week Java 8 was launched and moments later the Eclipse support for Java 8 was announced. To help celebrate the launch, we had an entire Java 8 Day at EclipseCon 2014, which included sessions from both Java and Eclipse engineers. Highlights for me included hearing Alex Buckley describe the Road to Lambda, listening to John [...]

Mar 18th, 2014

History Lessons

Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it One of the first tasks when studying anything new is to review the existing literature. As a student, I viewed this as a make-work project, but of course that’s not true. Studying the past helps you understand the mistakes and decisions that were made, [...]

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Feb 5th, 2014

Ian’s Top 5 EclipseCon Picks

EclipseCon 2014 is less than 6 weeks away and I’m getting pretty excited. The schedule has been published and the diversity of talks is really what makes this such a fun conference. While I helped pick the program, the real thank-you goes to the great program committee I worked with.  John, Cedric, Dave, Andrew, Shawn, Pascal, [...]

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Nov 22nd, 2013

Help Researchers Help You

You may not know this, but large parts of the development tools you use everyday started as research projects. While tools like Mylyn are the obvious example, many other tools and technologies originated in Universities around the world. IBM offered several innovation grants ‘back-in-the-day’ and many undergraduate and graduate students eventually made their way into [...]

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Nov 18th, 2013

EclipseCon 2014 — Final submission deadline

The final submission deadline for EclipseCon 2014 is here! If you haven’t submitted your talk, now is a GREAT TIME! @alblue Monday night, nov. 18 — Ian Bull (@irbull) November 17, 2013 @irbull ok so I can procrastinate a little more then — Alex Blewitt (@alblue) November 17, 2013 This is really shaping up to [...]

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Nov 12th, 2013

EclipseCon 2014 — Early Bird Picks


Last week was the early-bird deadline for EclipseCon 2014 and I was extremely impressed with the quality of submissions. It was very hard to pick just five, but lucky for me, I have an excellent Program Committee helping! Here are the five early-bird selections: At the Mountains of Madness with Bling3D - Tony McCrary and Jon Mietling [...]

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Nov 1st, 2013

EclipseCon 2014 Early Bird Deadline


Now that everyone is recovered from EclipseCon Europe – and has plenty of Halloween candy to snack on – why not spend a few minutes and submit a EclipseCon 2014 talk. The early bird deadline is Monday November 4th. If you hit the early bird deadline, you’ll have two chances to get your talk accepted. See the [...]

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Oct 16th, 2013

EclipseCon 2014 — Call for Papers

Well I’m going out west where I belong where the days are short and the nights are long In 2014 EclipseCon is headed back to San Francisco and the submission system is now open. Eclipse is leading the way with innovative tools and technology across all aspects of the Software Lifecycle. From world class IDEs, [...]

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Aug 10th, 2013

Eclipse Platform 4.4 (Luna) Milestone 1, Available


The annual Eclipse release typically indicates the beginning of summer. And if the back-to-school commercials aren’t an indication that summer is winding down, the restarting of the Eclipse milestones builds certainly is. Even with vacations and sunny weather, the Eclipse and Equinox teams have managed to put together the first milestone for the Eclipse Luna [...]