Holger Staudacher works as a software developer and consultant at EclipseSource in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is responsible for the Tabris server side and one of the core team of committers on the Eclipse Remote Application Platform (RAP) project. Holger also authored the popular restfuse framework for testing REST APIs. He is interested in anything to do with agile, cleancode and distributed systems.

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Apr 20th, 2015

An Apache Cordova hook to auto bump iOS CFBundleVersion and Android versionCode

Bumping versions is a topic that should be fully automated from my point of view. Doing it manually guarantees errors for sure. I experienced it so many times as well :) . Recently we have published a build service for Tabris.js which utilizes Apache Cordova to build Tabris.js apps. We wanted to leave the versioning up [...]

Apr 20th, 2015

Brand your Tabris.js app

Branding an app is essential! That’s why we wanted to make the branding of a Tabris.js app as easy as possible. As you might have read, since a few days we provide a free build service on tabrisjs.com that allows you to build your apps online. So, how do you add branding to your Tabris.js [...]

Aug 9th, 2016

Your own JavaScript mobile app with Tabris.js in 10 minutes

One of the things we live at EclipseSource is efficiency. This is true for IDE usage, code and development lifecycles. This is why we made the Tabris.js development lifecycle as fast as possible with the Tabris.js 0.9.3 release. The mission for this release was that we wanted to enable you to: Build your own branded [...]

Sep 8th, 2016

Apache Cordova vs. Tabris.js

At EclipseSource we’ve been doing frameworks for many years now. We did server and UI frameworks… Web and mobile frameworks… Open and closed frameworks… If we had only learned one thing, this would be “Play well with others!”. With this post I want to show you how our cross platform solution Tabris.js compares to Apache [...]

Jun 26th, 2014

Tabris 1.4 is here!

On March 10th we released Tabris 1.3 and it was a huge success. After 3 months of hard work we are ready to ship Tabris 1.4 today. The 1.4 release marks our biggest release so far. We have plenty of new features and several improvements. With this post we want to show you the highlights. UI Tracking [...]

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Jun 16th, 2014

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Text Replacement

Only 10 days left till we release Tabris 1.4. This week we want to give you a preview of a feature highly requested by some of our customers: Text Replacement. Typing on mobile devices is not as efficient as on desktop computers because of the lack of hardware keyboards. You can increase the efficiency by [...]

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Jun 10th, 2014

OSGi JAX-RS Connector 4.0 released

Today we are proud to release the OSGi JAX-RS Connector 4.0. A lot has happened since the 3.3 release back in March 2014. This post will give you an overview of the new and noteworthy things included in the 4.0 release. We updated the underlying Jersey library to 2.8 which was released back in April. [...]

Apr 30th, 2014

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Google Analytics

On June 26th we will release Tabris 1.4. Currently we are working on the new features for this release. One of the Killer-Features, a tracking API for the Tabris UI framework, was finished last week. The API comes with a ready-to-use Google Analytics integration. All you need to do is set your tracking ID and activate [...]

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Jun 10th, 2014

How to use SWT with Java 8

As you might have noticed, Java 8 was released last week ;). Most programers consider Java 8 the biggest change to the Java programming language ever made. This is mostly because of lambda expressions, default methods and streams. As an SWT/RAP/Tabris coder, the first thing that came to my mind was: “How can this make my [...]

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